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We use Cookies

Using cookies, we manage to trace all your preferences to improve the website further and make it more convenient for you. As a result, we can also offer you some functions every time you visit our site.

Cookies: What Are These?

A cookie (other names are pixel and similar technology) is referred to the information saved on your PC/device when you visit the websites. Keeping data, the website remembers not only the time you visit the page; however, also your activity on it. Besides, the site would remember such information as logins, language, passwords, font size, etc. for the sake of your convenience. 

What Options You Have?

Using our website, you also agree to store cookies on your PC/device.

Sure, you may visit and view our site without any cookies; in this case, however, the website’s performance is likely to be poor, and you may have some problems with navigation in general.

NB: Things to do when you don’t want to keep cookies on your PC/device: go to your browser’s system settings and deactivate the option, or go to the browser’s system settings and delete all the unneeded cookies by hand.

Here, you can find more information about how to delete/deactivate cookies. Importantly, if you don’t accept all cookies, be ready that the website, as well as the offerings on it, would work improperly.

Cookies Categories

Cookies are characterized based on our purposes and their functions. Some of the cookies we apply are:

  • needed for technical purposes (technical necessity);
  • kept and applied only during some specific period (storage duration);
  • applied, as well as kept, either by a third party or us (cookie provider).

Technical necessity. Some cookies are necessary, while others not:

  • Necessary: cookies that are critical for the proper operation of the website and its core functions; order for the site and its features to work correctly. Note that such cookies would be automatically stored on your PC/device every time you visit the website or even particular function if only you don’t reject cookies via your browser settings.
  • Not necessary: cookies that are not critical for the proper operation of the website and its core functions. We use such cookies in technical terms to find out which areas of the site are frequently used and which are not. In such a way, we can adjust to your preferences and needs more effectively.

Storage duration: cookies that are kept and applied only during some specific period. There are several cookies based on storage duration that we use: session cookies, permanent cookies, and flow cookies.

Session cookies: cookies that are needed for the period of your stay on the website. As soon as your current stay expires or you decide to leave the site, the session cookies will be either erased or simply become invalid. We use these cookies to retain some relevant information during a particular stay on the website.

Permanent cookies: cookies that are kept for a more extended period. Why we use these? Permanent cookies allow recognizing the user or visitor the next time he or she decides to access the site later and access all the saved settings with no problem. In other words, you can access the website’s page faster which makes the user experience more convenient as the setting chosen by you before are also saved (language, for instance). After the preset period is over, permanent cookies are deleted automatically.

Flow cookies: cookies that are needed and used for the intercommunication between the company’s internal servers. Flow cookies are kept on your PC/device during the website navigation. As soon as you stop navigating it, these cookies are deleted. 

Cookie providers

Provider cookies: the cookies commissioned and also placed by the website’s operator or us.

Third-party cookies: all the cookies that are both kept and used by such external sites/organizations as Web analytics tools are referred to as “third-party cookies.” Note that the external providers can use cookies to show advertisements, including those from social networks.

Cookies in Web analytics

On our website, we use Google Analytics (the provider is Google). For now, it is the only analytics service we use. The service utilizes cookies to find out which website areas are used more often and which are not that in-demand, as well as to detect all the preferences. It all works the following way: all the information related to your use of our website asses over to a Google server and is kept there. The next stage is analysis: Google Analytics examines the data, synthesizes it, and creates corresponding reports regarding the user’s activity. Mind that the website activity information can be passed on to the third parties in case if it is required by law.