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CasinoNearYou Privacy Policy

CasinoNearYou is an online casino portal involved in lead generation and performance-based marketing. At CasinoNearYou website (“we,” “us”), we analyze personal information of our visitors and customers (“you”). Your security is a top priority of the website. For that reason, we handle this information with the proper care, keeping it safe according to the data protection laws.

How It Works

This page explains the principles of the Privacy Policy. Specifically, we describe what information is considered to be “personal” and why we process it. Besides, you will find here an essential insight into your legitimate rights. This Policy does not discard the terms of any contract you may have with us, as well as the rights presupposed by the personal information protection laws.

1. Who is responsible for looking after your data?

CasinoNearYou indicates its registered address in the Contacts section.

Mind that CasinoNearYou is the critical player in taking care of your personal information. In other words, the company is your Data Controller and is responsible for choosing both the means and goals of its analysis.

First and foremost, you should know that we are responsible for taking care of your personal information, it can be stored on databases which, in their turn, can be accessed by third companies. Nonetheless, all the standards mentioned in the Privacy Policy apply to such companies as well.

2. What personal data do we process?

Under “personal data” analyzed here we presuppose the following:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Birthdate
  • Email
  • Password
  • IP address
  • Location details
  • Website history
  • Occupation
  • Preferences and opinions

3. Why do we use your personal information and when do we analyze it?

Every time you visit our website using our service, CasinoNearYou may collect the information indicated above.

The collected data is used to:

  • share our emails promoting the related services and products;
  • analyze data and create the improvement strategies for our business; the information goes through our databases and systems, where we analyze it and extract the most important details as for the customer’s preferences. In such a way, we can contribute to the user experience and meet the needs of the clients;
  • work on the advertisements to improve their content before sending these to you;
  • exercise complying with our lawful rights or obligations.

Pay attention that Section 3 describes the purpose of the personal data collection; analyzing it, we are to make sure that:

  • you managed to provide us with all needed details, or
  • the type of data, as well as the way we use it, is critical to maintain 'legitimate interests' of our business (for instance, to upgrade our products/services, or to carry out metrics and data analysis on our datasets); besides, any of our activities aim at respectful treatment of the clients’ privacy.

4. What are the parties we share your data with?

In business, the third parties are needed to successfully achieve the goals, deliver services, and provide with the production. Naturally, such third parties may need access to the database in order to help with the promotion, development, and management.

We may cooperate with a number of third parties for the reasons mentioned above. Note that these parties may have access to your data from time to time:

  • Google, Hotjar and VWO - analytics service providers that function as Data Controllers. In case if you don’t want the providers to access your data and analyze it - go to the Cookies Policy section to find out what to do;
  • Data processors/Service providers that work with your personal information as required by our instructions;
  • In cases when we have to disclose obeying the requirements or protecting our own security and interests;
  • In case if we decide to sell, purchase, restructure any asset or business we own; or in instances where the third party decided to purchase any of our business or assets.

5. International Transfers

International Transfers refer to the passing of personal data to a third party that is located outside the EU (European Union). 

Keep in mind that we reserve the right to disclose your personal information to a foreign regulatory authority outside the EU in case of statutory/regulatory requests.

From our side, we always make sure that every step of the international transfer is carried out with a proper attentiveness and accuracy for the sake of the user data safety. Be sure that we carefully check all the requests concerning their aptness.

You are always welcome to contact us and ask any questions for more details as for the measures we use to ensure your safety.

6. Direct Marketing

The collected personal information will be used to send direct marketing communications in the form of emails and/or targeted online advertisements. These communications are connected with the products or services our partners or we provide with. Such products and services can deal with, for instance, online casinos or sports betting.  

When used for marketing purposes, the analysis of your personal information will be directly connected with our statutory interest (see Section 3). Also, it will be grounded on your agreement in cases when it is required by law.

Take into consideration the following: if you don’t want any marketing communications, you can use the opt-out link and contact us (see Section 8). As for the selection of direct marketing, we are not interested in its superabundance. That is why we provide you with the direct communications that, as we consider, would be most interesting for you. Besides, we limit it to a proportionate and reasonable level. 

7. How long do we store the collected data?

We keep all the collected personal information as long as we need it or consider it to be necessary and helpful. We base our position in accordance with the purposes noted in Section 3. 

Some data is stored within some period to meet law/tax/accounting requirements. In such cases, we don’t store data after the end of the duration.

We keep up with the data retention policy, and when any of the personal information is no longer needed we either delete it or make it anonymous.

8. What are your rights?

Every user and visitor of our website has got many rights in terms of their personal information and the way it is being used.

For more details regarding each of these rights, send us either an email or a written letter at the address noted below.

[email], [address]

While writing the email/letter, pay attention to the following:


Feel free to ask the following:

  • whether we process your personal information;
  • provide you with the exact and complete copy of that information.

NB: The visitor/users can also ask CasinoNearYou to provide you all the information that is considered to be personal data whether it is processed already or not yet. For instance, you may want to know about the information we have access to, why do we use it, when do we use it, or in which cases can we disclose it. Besides, if you are interested in the ways you can protect your personal data - you can also ask about that.


In cases when you notice that some of the data has got a mistake in it - ask us to correct it immediately.

From our side, we would also make research to confirm the correctness of the information before rectifying it.


There is an opportunity to erase your personal information; however, it is possible in some instances only:

  • if the information is irrelevant for the purposes it was collected already; or
  • if you decide on withdrawing your consent (while the entire processing procedure is fully based on your permission); or
  • if you follow a successful objective right; or
  • if your personal data has been analyzed unlawfully; or
  • if you obey a statutory obligation.

Keep in mind that we can’t erase your data if its processing is still necessary for the following:

  • for obeying a statutory obligation; or
  • for the determination, exercising, or protection of the lawful claims.

At the same time, certain conditions may affect our denial of your request. Nonetheless, these two mentioned above are most likely to occur.


Additionally, there is an opportunity to restrict your personal information. In this case, we would keep it, however, will not use it for our purposes. The restriction is possible when:

  • its accuracy has already been contested and we need some time to verify its correctness; or
  • the analysis of the information is unlawful; still, you want us to keep it without erasing it; or
  • the information is not relevant for the purposes it has been collected for. However, we still need it for the determination, exercising, or protection of the lawful claims; or
  • you took the privilege of the right to object, and the overriding grounds confirmation remains in the pending status.

NB: The company may continue using the visitors/customers personal information despite the request for restriction:

  • when the company has your consent; or
  • there is a need of the determination, exercising, or protection of the lawful claims; or
  • to defend the rights of another legal person.


Talking about the way we can provide you with the personal data, you can receive it in an organized machine-readable format. Also, your personal data can be ported to another Data Controller. These scenarios are possible only when:

  • the processing is consent-based / contract validity is consent-based; 
  • the processing is realized by automatic means. 


You have a right to object the processing and analysis of your personal information the legal basis of which is associated with our 'legitimate interests.' It is possible in cases when you firmly believe that your freedoms and basic rights considerably surpass our legal interests. 

Pay attention that we can demonstrate that the compelling legal interests from our side are, in fact, prevalent when talking about your freedoms and rights.

International Transfers

Your personal information may be transferred to the European Economic Area, you have an opportunity to either get a copy of or a reference to the safety measures used during this transportation.

Also, be informed that we may edit such transfer agreements or any of the related documents due to the commercial sensitivity issues. 

Supervisory Authority

You can complain against the processing of your personal information or the way we do it together with a local supervisory body. 

We would ask you to resolve any issue with us first and only then refer to the supervisory authorities. However, you have a lawful right to contact the authorities whenever you want.